Capture the versatility of our treated timber poles as they transform and bolster agricultural practices, from sturdy cattle kraal fencing to robust farm sheds. Experience the durability and resilience of our poles in this realm of endless farming possibilities.

Farming and Agriculture Solutions with Treated Timber Poles

Harnessing the Durability of Treated Timber Poles for Sustainable and Resilient Farming Solutions

Discover a world of robust, sustainable, and efficient farming solutions all made possible with our top-quality treated timber poles. Our customers have innovatively utilised our poles to create everything from resilient kraal fencing to durable farm sheds and protective wind barriers. Browse these real-life applications to see the full potential of Commondale Poles for your next agricultural project.

Sustainable Farming

Learn how our SABS-certified treated timber poles contribute to the development of sustainable and eco-friendly farming structures, promoting a healthier environment.

Diverse Applications

See the multifaceted uses of our treated timber poles in various farming and agricultural contexts, highlighting the versatility and adaptability of our products.

Durability and Strength

Discover how our SAWPA-member produced poles provide the robustness and longevity required in farming structures, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Potential Applications

Kraal Fencing

Our poles offer the strength and durability to build effective cattle kraal fencing, ensuring your livestock are safe and secure.

Cattle Crush Stations

Construct dependable dipping stations for your cattle using our resilient treated poles, enhancing the health management of your herd.

Farm Structures

Our poles provide the robustness needed for creating durable farm sheds and walls, facilitating efficient farming operations.

Farm Fencing

Establish secure farm perimeters with our treated timber poles, enhancing security and maintaining well-defined boundaries.

Industrial Greenhouses

Build robust greenhouses for your industrial farm plantations with our treated poles, facilitating optimal growth conditions for your crops.

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