Discover the strength and versatility of our treated timber poles in various industrial applications.

Redefining Industrial Applications with Treated Timber Poles

Unleash the potential of our high-quality treated timber poles in creating efficient solar panel installations, robust boat jetties, and resilient wind barrier droppers.

The versatility and durability of our treated timber poles are unmatched when it comes to industrial use in South Africa. With applications ranging from sustainable solar panel installations to the construction of boat jetties and wind barrier droppers, our timber poles are the go-to solution for industry professionals. They are SABS-certified and SAWPA member-approved, ensuring high durability and quality. With their superior strength, resilience to environmental factors, and aesthetic appeal, our treated timber poles pave the way for innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions in the industrial sector. Uncover the multitude of industrial uses and redefine what’s possible with our exceptional quality timber poles.

Versatile Applications

From solar installations to constructing jetties, our treated timber poles are suitable for a wide array of industrial applications, offering versatility at its best.

Superior Durability

With SABS certification and SAWPA approval, our treated timber poles promise unmatched strength and longevity, perfectly suited for the demanding industrial environment.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Reduce project costs without compromising on quality or longevity. Our treated timber poles deliver affordable and sustainable industrial solutions.

Potential Applications

Solar Panel Installations

Construct durable and efficient solar panel installations with our high-quality treated timber poles. They offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for sustainable energy production.

Boat Jetties

Build strong, resilient boat jetties with our treated timber poles. They stand up against harsh marine conditions, ensuring lasting performance and safety.

Wind Barriers

Create effective wind barriers with our robust timber droppers. They offer superior protection against harsh weather conditions, ensuring the stability and safety of your structures.

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