Comprehensive Range of SABS Approved Treated Poles and Products

Elevating Experiences with High-Quality Timber Products

Discover a range of SAWPA and SABS-certified timber products that blend practicality, durability, and aesthetics to cater to your diverse needs.

Mastering Timber Artistry for Diverse Applications

Dive into our world of superior timber products, each crafted with the highest quality standards and certified by SAWPA and SABS. At Commondale Poles, we understand the importance of robust, versatile, and aesthetic timber in every project, whether it's for residential use, industrial applications, or agricultural needs.

Handpicked Timber Products for Structural Excellency

Our extensive product range includes CCA treated gum poles of varying sizes, perfect for multiple structural applications. We offer thatching laths in standard lengths, designed to add a traditional touch to your roofing projects. With garden edging options in convenient dimensions, you can add refined borders to your outdoor spaces with ease. Our assortment of droppers, available in several lengths, are your go-to solution for various fencing and structural needs.

Quality Assurance with Certified Timber Excellence

Every timber product we offer comes with our promise of durability, quality, and performance, backed by our SAWPA and SABS certifications. Explore the best of what South African timber has to offer with Commondale Poles, and bring your vision to life with confidence and finesse.

Commondale Poles 95 Products

CCA Treated Gum Poles (1,2m – 14m in various diameters)

Commondale Poles takes pride in providing SAWPA and SABS-approved CCA treated gum poles that exemplify quality, durability, and resilience against environmental conditions and pests. Made with precision, these poles are available in a range of sizes from 1,2m to 14m, with various diameters, ensuring they cater to diverse needs. 

The wide spectrum of uses for these poles include agricultural applications such as providing support and stability for farm fencing, as well as serving as vital structural components in industrial greenhouses. In residential spaces, these poles form the backbone of residential timber roofing structures, assuring durability and aesthetic appeal. 

Their versatility also extends to the event planning sphere, where they can be utilized to form rustic frameworks for charming rustic wedding venues. These poles represent the perfect blend of functionality, reliability, and visual appeal, all packed into one robust product.

Thatching Laths (3m; 3,6m and 4,5m)

Discover our range of SAWPA and SABS-approved thatching laths, available in 3m, 3.6m, and 4.5m lengths, a perfect fit for various roofing applications.

Whether it’s for traditional thatching or modern design aesthetics, these laths offer versatile solutions. They are ideal for thatching roofs on agricultural farm structures, providing a rustic yet robust coverage that withstands the elements. They can also be incorporated into event spaces, providing an eye-catching and structurally sound roof for versatile outdoor entertainment areas.

The thatching laths contribute to creating an atmosphere of authenticity and charm, while ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting structure, perfect for hosting memorable events.

Commondale Poles 75 Products
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Garden Edging (2m x 200mm rolls; 2m x 300mm and 2m x 400mm)

Add a touch of refinement to your garden spaces with our SAWPA and SABS-approved garden edging.

Available in convenient 2m x 200mm rolls, as well as larger 2m x 300mm and 2m x 400mm sizes, these garden edging solutions are perfect for enhancing and defining your garden’s structure. They offer the finishing touch to residential garden layouts and help to delineate specific plant or flower beds in small-scale greenhouses.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your home garden or bring order and distinction to a larger outdoor space, our garden edging options are perfect for the task. They are also great for creating clear, defined paths in public spaces, enhancing the usability and aesthetics of walkways and passageways.

Droppers (1,2m; 1,5m; 1,8m; 2,1m and 2,4m)

Our SAWPA and SABS-approved droppers showcase their versatility and functionality across a variety of applications.

Available in lengths from 1.2m to 2.4m, these droppers are crafted to meet your exact requirements. From creating secure enclosures for livestock with kraal fencing to building cattle crush stations for effective livestock management, these droppers perform excellently. They also provide essential structure in industrial applications such as wind barriers, aiding in the control of wind and dust in exposed areas.

In the realm of recreational spaces, droppers prove their worth by helping establish safe and engaging children’s play areas and building charming, reliable wooden decks. Each dropper crafted by Commondale Poles is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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