Step into the realm of sustainable farming with our sturdy and resilient treated timber poles, perfectly suited for crafting effective cattle kraal fencing. Experience how our quality materials meet traditional practices, forming a harmonious blend of strength and simplicity.

Constructing Effective Cattle Crush Stations with Treated Timber Poles

Streamlining livestock management processes using our durable, SABS certified poles

Facilitating safer, efficient handling of livestock is a necessity for any successful farming operation. Our Cattle Crush Stations, built using the high-quality, SABS certified and SAWPA member approved Commondale Poles, provide an effective solution. Our treated timber poles deliver the strength and durability needed for these demanding agricultural environments. They withstand the rigours of daily use, extreme weather conditions, and persistent pressure from livestock, making them an ideal choice for constructing crush stations. Enhance your cattle management system and keep your livestock in check using our robust eucalyptus poles.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount in every farming operation. Our durable, treated timber poles help create secure environments for cattle and handlers alike. By constructing sturdy and reliable crush stations, the risk of accidents is significantly reduced, ensuring a safer, smoother operation.


Designed to endure, our SABS certified and SAWPA member approved poles provide a robust solution for your livestock handling needs. They are treated to withstand the rigours of daily use, and their resilience against harsh weather conditions ensures a lasting, quality infrastructure for your crush stations.


Efficient livestock management is crucial in farming. With our treated timber poles, you can build crush stations that streamline your cattle handling processes. Their strength and durability make for smooth operations, reducing time and effort in handling livestock and boosting your farming productivity.

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