About Us

Our Mission

Our aim is to produce poles treated to the best standard and of lasting quality.

Our History

Commondale Poles started in May 1999 to help local farmers realise their full potential out of their farming enterprise. Commondale Poles registered as a company in 2001.

Our Environment

Commondale is a small village in Mpumalanga Province with the Pioneering Spirit. The soil is red, rich and productive and the Eucalyptus trees thrive.

Selection and Treatment

Great care and specialised skills are employed to select straight and usable poles to supply our plant. Trees selected for poles are all Eucalyptus Grandis making them outstanding quality.

Raw material, mainly from member growers in the Commondale area, is delivered to the treating plant. Plantations provide a renewable source of timber.

Treating Procedures

Our poles are SABS APPROVED and are treated with CCA (copper, chrome and arsenic).
Find out more at The South African Wood Preservers Association.

SABS Approved

Our poles conform to particular SABS specifications ensuring consistent quality, straightness and uniformity in size.